Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Cigar Wrapper - So Misunderstood...

Conneticut, Shade Grown, Maduro... Cigars have more suits than I do. Although, the wrapper is very misunderstood.

The wrapper is called "capa" in Spanish, which translates more accurately to cloak or cape. The function of the wrapper is simply that a cape or cloak- and think of the wrapper as a nothing more than a cape wrapped around the cigar.

The wrapper is a special leaf. Smaller almost insignificant veins, oily silk-like texture, and an elastic anatomy are the qualities of a good wrapper. To achieve this, nearly every aspect of the of the agricultural and production process is very different from that of the filler.

There are several variations of color based changing certain elements in the process. The most common variations are listed here.
Six Types of Cigar Wrappers
Some are more common than others, some are more popular than others, and within each of these categories there are many variations.

Why do I say that the wrapper is misunderstood... Just like an idiot in a nice jacket, what is on the inside it what makes the cigar. Do not be mislead, maduro or oscuro wrapper are not stronger. Oscuro wrapper may leave a stronger taste in your mouth, but that is coming from the unsmoked tobacco and isn't a good sign at all.

So in short, do not be mislead, and do not be tricked, the wrapper does not make a cigar stronger, nor does it make it better (if it is garbage on the inside). Don't get me wrong, a beautiful wrapper is a great way respect a great cigar, but my advice is- Don't get too caught up with the wrapper.

A pampered natural wrapper is what I prefer, slightly dark, and a little shiny, although the best cigar I ever smoked actually had no wrapper at all. It's binder was prepared and humidified like a wrapper. It left a raisiny flavor in my mouth, and I loved every puff.

So don't get caught up, and Enjoy!


  1. Some people say a wrapper can account for up to 60% of a cigar's flavor profile. That must mean it's pretty important...

  2. Who? I have never heard that. I would like to hear more from someone that thinks that.

  3. I agree with "anonymous". Take the same filler of any cigar and wrap it with 5 different wrappers. I guarantee you your thought will change. The wrapper has a huge influence on the cigars flavor profile. I'd say more than 60%.

  4. 60%- Not possible...

    How can something that is 1-2% of the mass of a cigar affect 60% of the flavor?

  5. I dunno but it does. There is a HUGE difference between some cigars with only a different wrapper like the Oliva O Habano vs the Oliva O Maduro.

  6. agreed, in my travels of cigar smokesmanship its all about the wrapper

  7. the wrpper plays one of the most important roles.
    Try this: cut off about 2 -3 inches of wrapper from the end of your cigar and smoke then smoke the cigar normally. it will taste like shit but the second the wrapper ignites it will be glourious.
    Sorry dud but your facts are wrong....

  8. I have to disagree.

    A shitty wrapper can defiantly screw up a cigar (and no wrapper can mess with the draw), but the difference between a great maduro wrapper vs. a great natural wrapper is nil.