Saturday, September 08, 2007

True Cigars Puff Chart (TCPC)

I love Scotch, in fact, it is hands-down my favorite spirit. One of the sites that I have visited I saw a Tasting Chart (or Spider Chart) for the variety of malts. I liked it a lot, and thought about how that could be applied to cigar tastings. I have decided to use a similar chart, when appropriate.

The characteristics that I use are: Honey, Berry, Nut, Wood, Peat (earthy), Coffee, Cocoa, and Spice. These are the most common tastes that I have found related to cigars. The scale goes from 0 to 10. See the example below.

I hope that this will help readers visualize my comments a little better.


  1. Is this chart built by some kind of software? Can I have a look?

  2. I start by taking detailed notes for the first 15-20 minutes of the smoke, then translate these notes into numbers (0-10) for each characteristic.

    To make the actual graph, I use OpenOffice's Calc program and simply create a spider chart/graph of the numbers.

    The idea comes from The Macallen (

  3. Great Chart idea, I really like the visualization.

  4. Very cool. This cigar taste wheel is a great idea. You might want to copyright it and then see if cigar companies want to offer it to their customers. I am sure that it would make a great promotional tool.

  5. Thank you for posting.
    it is really helpful to all.


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  7. I now see this chart in the big cigar mags. Did you ever get it copyrighted or patented?