Saturday, November 18, 2006

Venezuelan Cigars

I want to see a non-doctored photo of Hugo Chavez smoking a "Vohiba Lancero" before I smoke one of these. Ok, I admit it- bad joke... but I have to have some fun.

Honestly, I have never smoked a cigar from Venezuala, atleast not that I can remember. This is an interesting article that deserves a little read.

Everyone claims to have cigars that compare with the Habano, but in my opinion few have come even far from close (if that makes sense). Don Miguel Patino, president of the Bermudez tobacco factory in Venezuela, makes this claim. Don Miguel, I wish you the best.

Next trip to the states, I will see what I can find and give them a try.

Read the article HERE

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cuba Defends its Rights to Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Tug Of War
This situation will only get more difficult if/when things change. I have heard opinions that the non-Cuban companies that market the non-Habano Cuban brands have made deals with the original families that "lost" these historical brand names- most of which have left Cuba.

Cohiba, however, is different in that it was created after the Revolution. I feel that the historical brand names will end up back with the owners at the time of the Revolution, but what will happen with Cohiba? There are two Dominican Cohiba brands... Time will tell. On this one, I side with Cuba. I think that Cuba/Habanos S.A. will have the international right to this brand name.

I sometime think that Cohiba, now the most well respected brand name, was an brilliant positioning move by Habanos S.A. that will give them the ability to produce cigars for the U.S. market sometime in the future. An established name, that was not acquired by "eminent domain."


Read more at ACN - Cuban News Agency