Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cuban Cigar documentary that has "heart and soul"

Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba and James Suckling bring the heart and soul of Cuban Cigars to your screen.
I enjoy documentaries, and I love cigars. Although  this seemed like a match made in heaven, I had my concerns going into the screening of this documentary; could it be a load of regurgitated dribble, or worse [like so many other documentaries about Cuba] a semi-political aberrational view of the Cuban reality-  fortunately Jame's approach portrayed neither and created an excellent film that nearly anyone should enjoy.

James Suckling
James Suckling's is someone I knew very little about before hearing about this documentary, however reading more about his history and accomplishments as a journalist I have come to the conclusion that this guy has 'it' figured out. Who would not love this guy's job? Wine SpectatorCigar Aficionado Europe... if we thew in Playboy centerfold photographer into the CV and I would say this could round out just about the best career ever; but even without that I can still proclaim that he has quite the life.

James and his film Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba, although little awkward from time to time, deliver with a vibrant and accurate tour of the Cuban Habano and the Cubanos who create it. This visually enchanting journey is a pleasure for anyone with the slightest interest in the subject of tobacco or Cuba. 

For beginners; the films veraciously teaches the entire process in a superb format using the traditional Spanish words supported by actual shots of process. And for those that are well versed in the subject (or self-proclaimed expert like myself ;) ) the film's the interviews, personalities, and cinematography transport you on a nostalgic pilgrimage to one of the most intriguing place on Earth and the mecca of the Cigar-world. 

If you have the opportunity to view this film I am certain that you will come away knowing more about, or, at the very least, feeling a better connection to, Cuban cigars and the heart and soul that goes into their creation. 

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