Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Smoke your cigars, and do not apologize to anyone!

I bumped into this interesting story about a New Zelander, Doctor, and Health Spokesman getting into hot water for smoking a cigar with U2. First of all, it was a cigar (not a cigarette), secondly it was WITH U2 (and I do not even like them that much, but I respect them greatly), and lastly SO WHAT.

I know a very fine gentleman here in Costa Rica that was involved with sports administration at the national level that was in the same situation. The press wouldn't let up. You know what, he kept smoking. Dr. Sackcloth. I recommend you do that same. Enjoy it- you only live once, and I am sure the stress that the press has put on you for this little incident is far worse for you than any hypothetical heath issues caused by the cigar. Don't let the press or social correctness prevent you from enjoying this fine experience.


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