Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Could RUSH be right about the CIGAR TAX?

I will admit that I am not a Rush fan. I am too moderate. But, to be totally honest, I could care less about most radio personalities. From time to time I do, however, catch a transcript. A caller, in the link above, is calling the proposed cigar tax a conspiracy against Mr. Limbaugh. Please. I hope that call was in jest- or perhaps from someone drunk. Actually, that sounds very much like the type of thing that I might propose when I am drunk.

To Rush: Let's be honest here, this will not pass with the Dem-power alone, so get on the horn an use some of that power to protect US smokers. If you do this for the US cigar smokers, I will owe you. And if you ever make it to San Jose, I will open my door and feed you the best cigars you have ever smoked and try to drink you under the table (or under the bar, as I do not have a table in my house just a 3 meter bar) with some of the finest Scotch south of the Rio Grande.

For once we do agree: This luxury tax is asinine.



  1. You know what they say about moderates; they are liberals with no balls.With that said, it doesn't matter if your a liberal or conservative, because each party wants your ciagr money. SCHIP will get vetoed by Bush, but what about the next government program. Ciagrs are on congress'radar. We must unite and raise our share of voice and tell these congressmen to find funding for their programs somewhere else.

    Love the site. Keep on smok'n!

  2. Love site and check in from time to time to read your latest reviews and articles. Keep up the good work ! Thanks, David