Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Review - Cohiba Siglo VI

~FROM 5/29/2005~
Cohiba Size: Siglo VI
Origin: Cuba Construction: Hand
Purchased: Gift Price: ?
Smoked: Office Accompanied by: Nothing

I have been a fan of the canonasso size cigars for some time, but never tried the Cohiba Siglo VI until now. This is an impressive cigar just to look at. Sliding this large tobacco out of the tube, with the name Cohiba wrapped around a fat ring size, makes even the most seasoned smoker take a deep breath.

The fragrance of the unlit tobacco was impressive, sweet and complex. The brown wrapper reminded me of the Montecristo #2 that I recently picked up in Cuba for some friends. I cut the end and too a few puffs before I lit it- the “raisiny� flavor filled my mouth.

I lit up the massive cigar with one match and a few puffs. Wow! What a flavor- literally typing my notes is making my mouth water for another. The creamy smoke had such a full flavor that you didn’t even notice it’s strength until you inhaled it or passed it through your nose.

The cigar burned steady with a even ash all the way down. The flavors were natural and deep- like taking a deep breath in the forest just after a rain. This was a very pleasurable cigar, although knowing what they go for, probably not an everyday smoke for everyone…

Those of you interested in a hearty Cuban cigar, should get your hands on one of these. This is a cigar that I will remember for a long time.

Overall Score: 96/100
Construction: 95/100

A special thanks to Dave for the gift...

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